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Pathfinder offers a wide variety of way finding and floor marking solutions used to protect your employees and improve organization and work flow: in light a dark hallway or designate forklift zones. Add traction to slippery steps or convey critical messages.

Standardizing floor marking colours and patterns throughout your facility will improve communication, efficiency, and safety.

Heavy Duty

Warehouse flooring undergoes the wear and tear of a rodeo stampede—thanks to stress from forklifts, heavy traffic, and spills. Our heavy duty floor tape selection performs under pressure while improving safety and organization in your facility.



Employees won't have to worry about slipping and sliding when our range of no slip tape is used around your workplace. Our Tread Tapes are OSHA compliant and keep your people upright and productive.



It’s not a mirror replacement, but Reflect rebounds bright to grab attention where needed. Our high-quality reflective tapes increase visibility during night and day. Reflective for general use to high-powered SOLAS tape for maritime applications.



Power outages are a reality. Our glow tape highlights egress pathways and ensures your employees can see where they are going quickly during emergency evacuations or lowlight situations.


Floor marking solutions to improve efficiency & safety