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The ComplyPro is big on delivery, providing speed and reliability at an economic price.

The ComplyPro has become known as the powerhouse of the on-site industrial labeling and signage industry.

Built with harsh environments in mind, the ComplyPro is can handle printing supplies ranging from 12mm-100mm (½ to 4 inch) widths. As well as this the ComplyPro is capable of dealing with many of the smaller application-specific supplies used in wire and cable labelling, like shrink tubing and self-laminating wire wraps. The ComplyPro is versatile and dependent. 

Requiring little space on your desktop, the ComplyPro works with your PC, allowing you to design labels at the click of a button. The Comply Pro Works with Microsoft® Word compatible software and other popular graphic design programs.

The ComplyPro is enhanced by it's 300 dpi print resolution, making outsourcing label and sign projects a thing of the past. And working with supplies that are designed specifically for you application means peace of mind.

The ComplyPro features:

  • 12mm-100mm (1/2" to 4") supply printing
  • Fast print times
  • Reliable high-volume batch printing
  • Easy installation with most PCs
  • An industrial design for harsh environments

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