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Duralabel is our range of in-house thermal transfer printing systems. Popular applications are – Pipe Marking, Facility Identification and Safety Signs, Barcode Labelling, Arc Flash and Electrical demarcation. All of our systems print on heavy-duty, five year guaranteed indoor/outdoor industrial grade vinyl. They are resistant to UV, chemicals, heat and water. They include comprehensive labelling software, five year warranty, free lifetime technical support and assistance with label creation. They allow you to print professional quality safety signs and labels in-house.


It's small, portable and comes complete with everything necessary to design and print labels. The new DuraLabel® Toro is one of the first totally stand-alone industrial label printers with a built-in keyboard and touch-screen. Labels can now be printed without the hassle of hooking up to a PC, network or power outlet. The Toro does it all — independently.
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The new standalone DuraLabel® Lobo is a versatile, grab-and-go thermal transfer label printer that gets the job done, whether you’re a safety manager or a classroom teacher.
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DuraLabel Bronco

The Bronco has become known as the workhorse of the industry and can handle the heavy label and sign printing demands of even largest facilities.
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DuraLabel 9000

Now you can print really large industrial signs and labels with the DuraLabel® 9000 Printer. Durable construction and professional-grade resolution make it the perfect tool for today's larger facilities and worksites with larger labelling size requirements.
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Scan and print from documents or an SD card, plug it into your computer, or connect it to the network for anyone to print on this new, inexpensive, easy-to-use Poster Printer
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Industrial Labelling Stocks

DuraLabel offers the world's largest selection of industrial labelling supplies and now backs our most popular vinyl supplies with a 5-year warranty.
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Custom Label Service

Designers at Complied can help you turn a sketch of your own into a finished roll of "print ready" labels. Just sketch your design onto a sheet of paper and send us your design for review.
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Print Professional Quality Safety Signs and Labels In-House!